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Vascular surgery is a branch of medicine aimed at the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the arteries, veins, or lymphatic vessels. To consult with the best vascular surgeons in Hyderabad for the treatment of vascular conditions such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), Varicose Veins, Diabetic foot ulcers, and more, call us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common vascular conditions include Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), Aneurysms, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Varicose Veins, Carotid Artery Disease, Raynaud’s Disease, and Venous Insufficiency. 

The cost of vascular surgery can vary widely depending on factors like the specific procedure, the surgeon’s experience, and the hospital or clinic. On average, vascular surgeons in Hyderabad charge anywhere between Rs. 800 to Rs. 1,500 for each consultation. To get accurate pricing information regarding consultation charges of vascular surgeons in Hyderabad, contact the hospital/clinic or the doctor directly. 

There are several ways one can look for a good vascular surgeon in Hyderabad. The patients can start by asking for referrals from primary care physicians, checking online reviews, seeing where the doctor practices, and checking whether the doctor is board-certified and possesses relevant experience. 

The extent to which vascular diseases can be cured depends on the specific condition. While some conditions can be effectively managed or treated, achieving a complete cure may only sometimes be possible. Lifestyle changes, medications, and surgical interventions can help control symptoms and improve quality of life. It’s essential to consult with a vascular surgeon to discuss individual cases and available treatment options.

Vascular Surgery – The Common Types

Vascular surgery is the field of surgery that involves the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting blood vessels. This field involves different surgeries and procedures done for diagnostic as well as treatment purposes.

The type of surgery to be done depends on the condition the patient has and their eligibility for the surgery. Some commonly performed surgeries by vascular surgeons in Hyderabad include: 

  • Varicose Vein Surgery: Varicose vein surgery involves several surgical procedures, including vein ligation and stripping, sclerotherapy, and endovenous laser treatment to treat varicose veins.
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Treatment: In case of blood clots in the deep veins, the doctors may suggest a thrombectomy, which helps remove the clot and normalize blood flow, preventing potential complications. 
  • AV Fistula: Patients undergoing hemodialysis due to kidney failure often require a suitable access point for dialysis. A fistula procedure involves connecting an artery to a vein to allow a seamless hemodialysis process. 
  • Peripheral Artery Bypass Surgery:  The purpose of this surgery is to treat Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). The bypass grafts used in this surgery allow the blood to flow around the blocked artery. 
  • Peripheral Angioplasty and Stenting: This minimally invasive surgery involves the use of a balloon to open blood vessels that are narrowed or blocked. Stent placement is done in some cases to keep the vessel open. This is sometimes performed in the cases of diabetic foot ulcers.