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Pristyn Care

  • No 102, Ground Flr, Vijay Icon Building, High Way Rd, Kammasandra
    Electronic City
    Bengaluru - 560100
  • Ananthnagar Road
    • Opens at 10:30 AM
  • Surgical
Pristyn Care - Electronic City, Bengaluru

About Pristyn Care

Pristyn Care is a multi-specialty chain of specialized day-care procedures. We do modern surgeries across our network of 70+ clinics with 100+ doctors on-board. We have a complete range of facilities under Proctology, ENT, Urology, Cosmetic Gynaecology, and laparoscopic and laser-assisted surgeries.
In this clinic, we have specialist doctors for Proctology and Laparoscopic surgeries.
The experts use the newest techniques with Laser diode and Laparoscope to keep up with the modern healthcare ecosystem. Our surgeons perform the surgeries with the utmost precision and care that incur no pain or bleeding.
The address of this clinic is No 102, Ground Flr, Vijay Icon Building, High Way Rd, Kammasandra, Ananthnagar Road, Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560100.

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  • 4.5


  • toufique islam
    Posted on: 01-09-2020
    • 4

    Had a follow up with doctor Gaurav Prasad for laser surgical treatment of fissures (piles). All arrangements and appointments was done by pristyn care. It was hassle-free and doctor was totally friendly and generous. The insurance policies, surgery timings and hospital selection was taken care by pristyn representatives and it was all worry free. The pristyn representative was present at the hospital before I reached and took care of the admission procedure and explained the process correctly. The admission procedure at the hospital was bit delayed not because of pristyn but because of the unprofessional hospital staff. To this I agree might have happened because of unavailability of other hospitals. The representative convinced me that since most hospitals were not covid free and few were under maintenance at that time so they had to select that hospital (kshema hospital, sarjahpur road, Bangalore). I was dissatisfied with the unprofessional behavior of the hospital staff and asked pristyn representative to admit me in another hospital but since there was no other option so had to take it. The on duty nurse was even struggling to put the cannula!! I had to ask the senior nurse to do it. None of the staff was wearing gloves. The X-ray took about 1 hr to complete. It wasn't coming at one shot and the staff seemed to have doubt on how to operate the machine. The security and the helpers none of them were wearing masks and gloves. The surgery completed on time and doctor was no doubt very professional. But the struggle started after that. First there was no Ward boy or helpers to shift patients to patient room and the security took over 1hr to eat and come to help shifting. The patient room was too small as well as the bathroom while I understand the bathroom should be spacious enough especially for piles patients. The onduty doctor at night was also very unprofessional. Didn't Know how to talk with a patient and with the attendee. He was bit rude in his behavior. The onduty nurse at night always kept the door open and there was no calling bell inside room. Everytime had to call the nurse at the top of my voice while she was sleeping. She wasn't even checking if the saline bottle is over and if she had to change it. My attendee had to call her everytime. The 2nd pristyn representative who came in the afternoon didn't know anything about what food to be given to piles patient. He gave rice khichdi full of carbohydrates and I had a huge problem after having it at night. The doctor even scolded for having it. Next Morning the pristyn representative was not even picking the calls . He received after calling him up 3 times and delayed in sending breakfast almost a decade. The breakfast which we asked for that was only juice came after the 3rd pristyn representative came finally at 10am. He took care of the discharge procedure which took about 5 hrs which I believe might be because of the unprofessionalism of the hospital staff. The pharmacist was unprofessional as well and was searching for the meds. Waited almost an hour for the medicines to be final billed. After all these hassle the pristyn representative booked the drop location cab. While leaving, the biggest irritation was that the final staff whom we had to meet, inform and take discharge was having lunch and we waited for 1 hr fr her to come. But she still didn't come. She was unprofessional to that limit that she forgot that a patient is waiting for discharge hungry and tired but that madam couldn't pause her eating for 2 mins and come down. And she had to have lunch when a patient was to be discharged! While as far as I know there was no canteen and everyone had their own tiffins. A surgery patient is waiting. Are you kidding me!! Finally we got irritated, informed the pristyn representative and left. Thank God! Overall the surgery procedure was good and again I thank God that I m slowly recovering now. Thanku pristyn for making the arrangements and pls don't allocate this stupid hospital to anyone again (kshema hospital, sarjahpur road, Bangalore)

  • rajnikanth dubey
    Posted on: 02-03-2020
    • 5

    My personal experience with this clinic is very good. Well educated and nice experience team of Pristyn care as well doctor is brilliant.

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